Distributed Files on cache server(s)

A distributed cache server is a web/ftp server that stores copies of documents from the DMS. The cache can be used by special CMS components to allow for faster access to documents from remote locations. This server must be accessible from the OpenIMS server and the OpenIMS server must be able to transfer documents to the cache server using ftp. Users (clients) must be able to download files from the cache server using a webbrowser.

Example: the distributed cache server can be reached at “server1.com”. The OpenIMS server can log in into the ftp server with username “user” and password “password” and put the document in the directory “/openims/test/dcache/”. The webserver on the caching server serves those documents from the url starting with “http://server1.com/openims/test/dcache/”.

In this example the only client that is redirected to the cache server is the user using ip address

The documents that are being distributed belong to supergroup “test_sites”, and the time window used for copying is from 21:00 until 23:00 (CET).

The following settings (server configuration) can be used for this example:

// Cache server(s)

// This setting determines for what IP range the files will be presented from 'server1'

$myconfig["dcache"]["servers"]["server1"]["phpcondition"] = '$ip==""';

// FTP settings to put files on caching server ‘server1'

$myconfig["dcache"]["servers"]["server1"]["ftpdomain"] = 'server1.com';

$myconfig["dcache"]["servers"]["server1"]["ftpid"] = 'user';

$myconfig["dcache"]["servers"]["server1"]["ftppwd"] = 'password;

$myconfig["dcache"]["servers"]["server1"]["ftproot"] = '/openims/test/dcache/';

// URL prefix for accessing the files on 'server1' (domain as seen from the client)

$myconfig["dcache"]["servers"]["server1"]["wwwdomain"] = 'http://server1.com/openims/test/dcache/';

// Distribution

// For which site will files be cached

$myconfig["dcache"]["autocopy"][1]["sgn"] = 'test_sites';

// On which server(s) will the files be cached for this site

$myconfig["dcache"]["autocopy"][1]["servers"] = array ('server1');

// Period during which time the files may be copied (Central European Time)

$myconfig["dcache"]["autocopy"][1]["nltimefrom"] = 21;

$myconfig["dcache"]["autocopy"][1]["nltimeuntil"] = 23;

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